Sheffield Tree Map is a community-built visualisation of Sheffield's urban tree population. The map aims to provide a detailed, non-political insight into the trees that contribute to the city's urban landscape.

About The Map

The Sheffield Tree Map website is an independent project and not endorsed by Sheffield City Council or Amey PLC.

The map focuses on trees in urban areas, rather than every tree within the city boundary, however significant rural trees will be included.

Trees are currently being added on a ward by ward basis, and members of the public can help contribute by notifying our team of any changes to their local tree population.

Sheffield Tree Map is still under active development and as such may change without notice.

What will be mapped?

Publicly owned trees in Sheffield's urban areas including park and street trees. In woodland areas only significant trees, such as veteran trees will be individually mapped.

What isn't mapped?

Currently there are no plans to map privately owned trees in general, only private trees of exceptional amenity, arboricultural, ecological or historical value. Trees in rural areas are generally excluded.

Where did the data come from?

The baseline tree data was collected via a Freedom of Information request to Sheffield City Council focused on highway trees made in April 2018. New trees will be added and mapped trees will be resurveyed periodically by trained volunteers from the local community.

The future

Tree data will be added for Sheffield parks, green space, schools and housing land.

Trees that are veteran, ancient, or have cultural or historical significance will be highlighted.

Our map data will be published in various charts to provide a breakdown of the cities tree population.

The Data

Crown Spread

The approximate diameter of the trees crown in meters


The diameter of the tree in centimetres measured at 1.5m above ground level.


The height of the tree approximated to the nearest metre.

Age Classification

New Planting - Recently planted trees that are still supported and watered.

Established - Trees ranging in age from semi mature through to mature that have adapted to their surroundings and are contributing to the local visual landscape.

Veteran - Trees that are usually, but not necessarily old, which have developed physical/physiological characteristics associated with older trees.

Ancient - Trees having passed beyond maturity and are old, or aged, in comparison with other trees of the same species.

Outstanding Issues

Tree ward data is gradually being updated to reflect the current ward boundaries (post May 2016).


Andy Greenwood

Project Lead

Sam McQueen

Technical Architect, Design, Development

Nick McQueen

Partnerships Development & Strategy


Email: info[at]
Twitter: @shefftreemap
Facebook: @sheffieldTreeMap